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Julie is a 56-year-old teacher. In the past year she separated with her partner. Due to the complications within the divorce proceedings, she has ended up on the “blacklist” of the National Bank. She wants to buy out her ex-partner and only become the owner of the house. She is looking for a housing loan.

Payment arrears – on “black list”


Julie has a number of loans and loans with her ex-partner, including a housing loan for the existing family home and an investment property. Furthermore, an installment loan for financing a car.

At the time of the divorce, Julie and her former partner agree that the former partner will continue to pay the car loan. This does not happen regularly, so Julie is on the “black list”.

This negative report at the Central Office for Credits to Individuals of the National Bank of Belgium is a stumbling block for many lenders in granting a new home loan.

Buy out housing loan and ex-partner

Buy out housing loan and ex-partner

And just now Julie is looking for a new home loan to buy out her ex-partner.

She is looking for a lender who is willing to grant her a housing loan, given her specific situation. With various lenders, You receive a refusal of her credit application:

  • The requested credit amount of $ 165,000 is too high
  • At the age of 56, Julie is too old for a new home loan
  • Julie is on the “black list”, which means that a new mortgage loan is no longer possible

Julie has difficulty accepting this and is further informing. Via a credit intermediary in mortgage loans, she submits her credit application to Good Credit.

The requested credit amount is realistic

The requested credit amount is realistic

Julie is requesting a housing loan of $ 165,000 so that she can buy out her ex-partner. The requested credit amount happens to be half the value of the former family home. The existing mortgage loan and the other current loans will be repaid with the sale of the couple’s second home.

Julie receives an approval from Good Credit for a $ 164,000 mortgage loan. It has the necessary repayment capacity and retains sufficient living surplus.

56 years is not too old for a housing loan

For many lenders, the age for repayment of the last payment term for a home loan is 65 years.

As a result, Julie is soon too old at the age of 56 to get a new mortgage loan. At Good Credit, this age is 75, so Julie keeps her chances of a home loan secure. She repays her new mortgage loan at 19 years. This way she retains the home and her financial comfort.

Black list does not automatically mean refusal for a home loan

Black list does not automatically mean refusal for a home loan

Julie used to take out an installment loan with her former partner for car financing. It is therefore also required to correctly repay the loan. This has not happened so that it is reported negatively at the Central Office for Credits to Individuals, the so-called “black list”. For many lenders, the story will automatically stop.

This is not the case with Good Credit. A dialogue and a credit solution remains possible. We do say that it is not possible for everyone and that credit demand must meet strict criteria.

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