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If interest rates for mortgage lending and real estate loans drop significantly in the years after the contract is signed, borrowers will not benefit. You can therefore also check your bank’s calculation. Interest rates in comparison: the cheapest real estate loans The most important thing is the actual loan comparison. Real estate loans enable consumers to buy a house or apartment, or to build a brand new one.

What about financing or real estate?

What about financing or real estate?

It is recommended to think in advance about how big the property should be, where it should be and what quality standards should be set. He coordinates the economic situation with you and can already provide information on the perfect property based on your data.

The mortgage advisor gives you a budget that you can then use to search for real estate with a clear conscience. After the right property has been determined and appraised, the financing question is clarified in advance and only needs to be confirmed. Real estate agent3% + 20% VAT.

The majority of the properties are sold through the broker office. As a rule, the commission for the broker is 3% (but can be up to 4%). In the event of real estate coverage, the house bank or housing association registers in the cadastre of the property and provides this as security.

The purchase of real estate (including condominiums) is subject to the so-called real estate transfer tax. With his experience he can negotiate more favorable conditions for you. The loan amount. The largest possible amount of funding is best calculated by comparing the budget account with the revenue.

On the one hand the calculation of the credit institutions (which in turn are very different), on the other hand the realistic self-assessment. Credit institutions have predefined budgets, according to which different values ​​are assumed, for example, per capita or per vehicle. As a rule, debt financing is extrapolated with an interest rate of 6% in order to achieve a worst-case scenario. As a borrower, you should always calculate yourself and calculate it very carefully and realistically.

Owning a property but not being able to borrow something from it are not the best prerequisites for future development. It grants a loan with a specific term, comparable to a small or consumer loan, and pays interest at a Capital Lender rate.

This results in an interest floor of 3% (you do not benefit from even lower interest rates) and an interest floor of 6% (you are spared high interest rates). One part was hedged against rising interest rates, the other part was hedged as cheaply as possible in low interest rates. The bank and building society also offers fixed-rate loans.

Longer periods are also possible, but then the interest rate rises and the variation is always of no interest. In the case of a new building (depending on the equity ratio), the credit institutions do not finance the entire financing amount. After completion of the construction phase, the house bank or the housing association transfers the increased market value to the housing account.

To what extent should the equity ratio be high?

To what extent should the equity ratio be high?

The mortgage advisors are familiar with the local credit institutions and know exactly which customers are best suited to which house bank and where they can find the best conditions. The environment of property financing depends on several factors. This includes the client’s creditworthiness, the property itself, the current interest rate situation and the interview. With our many years of know-how, we are in the happy position of receiving offers from the various institutions on terms that most private clients do not have.

Due to the low interest rates, the choice of financing option is of secondary importance and the cheapest option is usually offered. However, interest rates can gradually rise again. There are basically three ways to protect yourself from rising interest rates:

To secure the financing of 150,000 to 6%, proceed as follows:

However, if the interest rate increases to 7%, the deviation, ie 1%, is distributed continuously. So you pay your interest on the loan, but get 1% interest out of the interest cap again until the period expires or the interest rate drops below 6% again.

The problem here is that higher interest rates also increase the expenses for the interest cap. The majority was refinanced with a real estate loan.

There are several aspects to the conditions of mortgage lending. The National Bank assesses the property as realistically as possible. The market value for the financing results from the calculated quantity. Of course, your creditworthiness is also very important for real estate loans.

The equity ratio is also part of the creditworthiness and is an important indicator for credit institutions in addition to the monthly income. From this, the credit institutions calculate the highest possible monthly rate for the respective loan. Here, the focus is placed on the greatest possible realism and aspects such as B. increased interest rates or temporary unemployment rate or parental leave and thus a lower income.

Loans include, for example, loans from housing associations with their own securities and terms, or currency financing in CHF or CHF or yen. For the real estate loan itself, the loan terms then consist of the key interest rate and the bank premium or margin.

The house bank then adds its margin, ie the amount of money with which the house bank itself collects. The loan interest rate results from these interest rates: Can you get a real estate loan without capital? As a rule of thumb, 20% of total credit costs should be raised in the form of own funds.

In the case of excellent ratings or properties with a very good market value (ie the property is worth more than the house bank pays for it), there are also exemptions from the 20% rule, depending on the loan.

The repayment amount is initially paid at an increased interest rate and a lower repayment rate and changes the interest rate from year to year in favor of the repayment rate. Because the interest on a clearly increased amount is calculated from the loan amount at the start of the financing, otherwise very good loan interest would be paid.

This means that you only pay the interest over the years and pay back the entire loan amount after the term of the loan agreement has ended. At the same time, the loan amount was saved in the form of shares or life insurance.

“The phrase” location, location, location, location “is often quoted in real estate circles. The construction site is the most important part for the calculation of a real estate loan.

If the own funds are insufficient, it is also possible to help with a good household with an ordinary loan that is intended for consumer goods.

You shouldn’t get into an overpriced purchase offer too quickly just because you fear that another customer will buy the property first. In fact, in most cases, real estate has been on sale for a longer period of time.

As a result, there is often a misunderstanding of the selling prices on the common property cards.

As a borrower, you should be aware of this and strive for the property you are looking for. Before negotiating the property, it can pay off to proceed in two ways: two steps: contact the property expert to make a calculation that is as neutral as possible. This is also why the correct estimate of the purchase price is so important because the credit institutions, especially with a low equity ratio, carry out their own valuation of the property and only raise a certain part of these sums.

If the difference is greater due to an overly expensive offer, the financing option can be excluded or become excessively expensive. When calculating the condition, residential financing for a property is much more complex.

A real estate loan, on the other hand, is calculated using many different influencing factors: and much more. This means that it is not possible to check the credit institutions and their conditions on the Internet. He not only has the right contact person for the credit institutions, but also the necessary knowledge of which institution the client is best looked after. The effort to measure the institutes at all is disproportionate to the result, it is not by chance that luck is par excellence.

The best offer is therefore given to the independent consultants, who already have a lot of experience and should also gain financial professionals as a contact in the credit institutions.